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Watercraft / Vehicle Decal Policy

Watercraft and Vehicle Policies To access Lake Columbia, Parks, and Boat Ramps

Lake Columbia is a private lake owned and supported by the property owners. THERE IS NO PUBLIC ACCESS TO LAKE COLUMBIA. Membership dues are due every year on April 1st. After the office receives payment for dues, property owners in good standing are issued membership identification cards, vehicle, and watercraft decals. Vehicle and watercraft identification decals are issued to property owners only. Decals can be obtained by registering each vehicle and watercraft at the Lake Columbia Property Owners Association Office. The office requests a copy of your current vehicle and watercraft State Registrations. Vehicle decals must be displayed inside your vehicles on the passenger side windshield in lower right corner. Watercraft decals go on the back of the watercraft. This is the only method your Association Security Patrol has of identifying those who are trespassing on private property.

Lake Columbia’s growth over the past several years has increased significantly, thereby greatly increasing the liability for all property owners and reducing the safety of everyone using the lake. In order to maintain our private lake status and protect the interests and investments of all, the following policy is to help maintain control of Lake Columbia.

This policy establishes the purpose of restricting unauthorized use of Lake Columbia.

By-Laws of Lake Columbia Property Owners Association, Membership, Article II, Section 1.
Effective April 27, 2009, the following applies:

  1. No "guest passes" are issued. LCPOA does not have a guest policy.
  2. All watercraft and vehicle decals are issued only to deeded property owners in good standing.
  3. Members must have a deed or land contract on file with the LCPOA office. The office can then verify ownership by matching state vehicle and/or watercraft Registrations with your information on file.
  4. Guests are permitted only if accompanied by a property owner in good standing while using the lake or any LCPOA property. Guest vehicles and watercrafts are not allowed at Lake Columbia. No decals are issued to guests or immediate family members.
  5. Property owners without proper id or decals will be issued a warning by security patrol. If this act is repeated your vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed.

Important Decal Information for Property Owners

Copies of your state vehicle and watercraft registrations must be received each year to obtain decals. Registration copies must be provided even if you have provided copies the previous year(s) or if you have the same vehicle(s) and/or watercraft(s).

Registration copies can be mailed, faxed, emailed or brought in person.
(Please do not send us your originals, we will make a copy for you if needed.)

Decals are required for use of the parks and/or lake.
Decals may be mailed, put in drop box or picked-up at office. Choose the option that is more convenient for you.

Placement of Decals
Watercraft Decal: Adhere to back left or center of watercraft.
Vehicle Decal: Adhere to the lower right corner (passenger side) of front windshield.

For more information please call (517) 592-2361 or email us.
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